Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Digitale Poesie

In the 'real' exhibition we have shown some of the earlier examples of experimental and avantgarde poetry, as well as discussing some of the ideas behind laying behind it. One of the new fields for experimentational and avantgarde litterature is located on the internet. Here artist are using a variety of strategies to test what artistically possibilities the computer gives. It's some of these experiment that we want to present in this small 'virtual' part of the exhibition.

It's impossible to say something generally about these works being created at the moment since they are so rich in form and have various have goals. Further more they are experimenting with different of the possibilities the computer and internet provide. If this blog was to be seen as an art work though, it would be one that uses the main function of the internet namely the 'link'. Other artists (like Christophe Bruno) are experimenting with search engines like Google, trying to find out how they work (like the Google adword happening) or how they can be used to create poems (like Epiphanies). Other poets are paying tribute to the concrete poets (like Michael Ands hommage to concrete poets like Dick Higgins and Emmett Williams and their intention to make the letters come alive, exploiting the computers actual possibilities of doing that (like Brian Kim Steffans "The dreamlife of letters"). Others are just playing around with letters (like Bemboos Zoo), finding new ways to tell stories (like The Penguin Project) or simply investigate the 3D space (like Dan Weber and Jason Pimples "Five by five").
Others and that perhaps the most radical and real internet avantgardist are exploiting the computers own language, bringing forward the codes and structures that we tend to forget is behind all the processes of the computer (like JODI).

It's not our intention to conclude on any of these project or to guide you through them. Instead we are allowing you to experience them yourself. So try out some of the links (in this text and at the right side) and enter a world of different digital poetic strategies. Feel free just to close the window if it becomes to strange or boring and just return to here and take another way. Enjoy!